Hi! I’m Ken, in case it wasn’t obvious… Since this is the about me page, I guess I better get to it!

From the time I was in about 5th grade, I knew I wanted to be an Air Force pilot. I worked hard to get an appointment to the Air Force Academy, but didn’t quite make it. Since I knew my parents couldn’t afford to help me pay for college, I decided on a different route and went into the Air Force out of high school. I started taking classes and applied for one of the commissioning programs and was accepted! Little did I know at the time, but I had already ended the chance at my dream. When I graduated and finished Officer Training School, I went to my next assignment. It was there that I discovered that I had a commitment of being there for three years, which would make me 6 months too old to apply for pilot training! This was at the end of the Reagan defense buildup, and they were starting to get rid of people, so there was no chance of getting a waiver.

In conjunction with this, after getting a degree in engineering (which would have fit nicely into becoming a test pilot later in my piloting career!) I was told there were no engineering positions available, so I would be placed in another type of position. This “position” had been vacant for two years prior to my arrival. And, because of the impending job cuts, nobody wanted to give up the parts of the job they had taken. I literally had no job! For some people, this would be a dream come true, but for someone who was used to being busy all the time, it was a nightmare!

Fortunately, it was at this point that my career made a radical turn. In looking for something to do, I started working with the Information Technology (IT) group in our organization. Little did I know at the time that this would become a whole new career. I worked with the IT group for about 6 months (my colonel let me go so I would stop bothering him about something to do!) and we worked a large project merging 3 organizations into a single 700 person unit. I must have made an impression, because when I got out of the Air Force a year later, the person who ran the shop called me and asked if I wanted a job. That phone call has resulted in a 30+ year career in the IT world.

I have spent that 30+ years helping people at all levels with IT issues, everything from changing passwords, all the way up to supporting country-spanning wide area networks. I get a kick out of seeing people succeed. I enjoy helping resolve problems and I like to teach.

However, when it comes to government contracting, I can see the writing on the wall. I know there will come a time in the not-too-distant future, where we will again see massive cuts, and workforce reductions. There will come a day when the job is no longer there.

So, a few years ago, I started looking at what I could do. About 8 years ago, I started a laser engraving business on the side, with the intent of making it into something I could retire into. However, with the advent of a host of cheap and inexpensive (there is a difference!) laser engravers, the market became very crowded. I still engrave and make decent money for a side hustle, but it will never be what I hoped when I started.

I have also dabbled in several internet-related programs, never finding anything that left me satisfied. One thing I discovered is that you can spend a whole lot of money on programs that promise your the world by tomorrow, but in reality, do nothing more than leave you more broke!

I think I have found something promising though. The reason that I started this website is to record my journey into this little corner of the world of network marketing. One of the things I have discovered is that the road is easier when you can follow someone who has been there and done that. There are plenty of people out there that will sell you a program, but what you really need is a mentor.

My mentor is John Thornhill. After trying many things on my own and failing, I decided it was time to try working with someone who could actually help me build an online business. One that will help others reach their goals and dreams. John has a wonderful program that I am going through as I write this.

One of the first things I learned (or rediscovered) is that the right mindset is critical in the success of any venture. There will be ups and downs in any venture, especially in the online world. But, with the right mindset and with someone there to mentor and cheerlead, you can push through the bad times (and there will be bad times!) You have to be ready roll on through those valleys to get to the peaks. Just keep pushing, it will get better.

I have had a great career, even though it was not the one I expected. Now, I want to do something that will make a difference. I want to build something that will not only help people with new knowledge, but also that will help them financially and mentally. Too many people out there are stuck in jobs and careers that they don’t enjoy. I intend to be a catalyst for change in that area.

Too many people think you have to spend all week doing something you dread so you can have the money to have fun on those two day that, if you are lucky, you get off. Then you get to go to bed Sunday night and do it all over again for the rest of you life… It doesn’t have to be that way!

I am just beginning the adventure. I am now on a quest to be the best internet marketer that I can be. As I learn, I want to teach those who start after me and make their journey a little less painful. If you are reading this, follow me in this journey, and perhaps, you too may be bitten by the internet marketing bug. Maybe you, like me, can start to dream again, and begin reaching for the stars. Just remember, if you shoot for the moon, you might just clear the fence that is blocking you in!

Let’s re-learn how to dream, follow those dreams, and have a blast along the way!


Ken Lare

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about the program, you can click here to find out more about it.  Attend the training, take good notes, and, most importantly put them into use!  John has helped thousands of people, I am one of them, and you can be too.